01/15/2021: THE PURGE has hit pretty hard. Had 50 videos wacked slowly recovering WHERE POSSIBLE. I'm considering adding a section for the DC False Flag which the MSM is trying to pin on the MAGA's but they seem to be losing their narrative pretty quick. Lots of videos out there proving it was ANTIFA added by "The Deep State". All in All we are in scary time and SADLY some people think losing our 1st AMND RIGHTs is completely acceptable.

Here is the newest election fraud files: Navarro Reports 1/13/21 & Congressional Election Fraud Briefing 01/04/21. More importantly here's the Affidavit of Arturo D’Elia DEEP STATE HACKER who admits to swithcing votes and a Video from His Attorney. Enjoy!

Last I have to link this awesome site for DECLAS Links.


To start, THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to look at what I have to present. If you are new to our subject matter I urge you, please examine the information with an open mind. We should all take things with a grain of salt and as Buddha says "Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself".

Many are caught up in the rhetoric and sadly the vast majority of people only get their information from one source. That's not fair to you or your neighbor with differing opinions. I believe when you fully grasp the gravity of our current affairs, you too will wish to help spread this message to others. As what we truly need at this very moment is UNITY and LOVE for the common good of ALL MANKIND.

Before we dive into the content I present, I'd like to stress that understanding the "big picture" (WHO the players are, WHAT they have done / currertly doing and WHY "they" are doing it) takes fortitude. No one can fully understand nor comprehend it all in a single instance. I myself have personally been studying "How The World Really Works" since 2012. Which is when I had my first WTF MOMENT. Like many, I am often taken by surprise (shock & awe) when a new event occurs however, they always reveal more dots to be connected.

That said, this current moment in time is crucial for the preservation of not just America's Freedom but quite possible the inalienable rights for ALL human beings! It's up to US to say "We've had enough and WE DEMAND OUR FREEDOM and THE FUTURE "WE" CHOOSE TO MAKE!!

Now let's move on to The Great Election Fraud of 2020 which is engulfing us as I type this. Without the ability to hold FREE and FAIR ELECTIONS the fabric of our great flag shall surely crumble and frankly it may never return.