The one thing no one can deny is that the COViD has effected ALL OF US. As mentioned, I am not one of the folks that doesn't believe a virus exisits. I do and personally know people who were sick, fortunatly none of them passed away and I am truly sorry if someone you know was sick or passed away.

That said, I believe it's prudent that we (the little people) look at the facts and not just take what the media says are as fact. In fact, I think if there's one thing we learned from the election coverage, "they" are ABSOLUTELY BOLD FACE LYING TO US!

Fact #1 Did you know? The CDC stopped counting NORMAL FLU data March 2020. Yep! Here the (graph). - Come on now, even if you are the most gullible sap among us, you have to think that is shady. However, for shits and giggles let's ask the question, Why is this important? Because, from past statistics (their own data) the flu (on average) kills 70,000 people every year. Well except for 2020 that is. GTFOH!!

Fact #2 Deaths from stokes, heart attacks and even old age are at thier lowest in HISTORY! .. Riddle me that! How is it all of a sudden people stopped aging and having heart attacks ans strokes. Sorry folks you just can't make this up. Go research it for yourself.

So the bigger question is, why is this happening? Well why does any crime every really happen? - MONEY and POWER!

Fact #3 THE STATS ARE MANIPULATED and THE MEDIA IS MANIPULATING YOU! There are so many examples of really but I'm going to sum it up with a) This fantasic video and b) This link to Dominion - Yep! - As for how the media does it, well let's look at what they have done during the election.

At this point, if you still believe it's just all business as usual and the globalists have no agenda, well thanks for visiting anyway. However, if you're ready to see why they are working so hard to manipulate the masses of this wonderful planet (some would even use the word CORRAL) into a future of the their own twisted minds. Then you're ready to learn about THE GREAT RESET!