WHO The Deep State

Note: For this site I use the term "The Deep State" however this group (which makes up the 1% or the richest people in the world) has gone by many other names. I can't stress to you more that "they" look on us as insignificant, we are just game pieces they have been moving around at will, while they play their game of GLOBAL DOMINATION (DOMINION). However, know this: We are the 99%, WE HOLD THE POWER! When enough of us SAY NO = WE WIN! and we shall inherit the EARTH!
Preface: The presentation you are about to read is by no means a guide to "The Deep State", its history and the actors involved. As with our 2020 Election Fraud section, our aim is not to tell you what to believe but to shed light on circumstances relevant to the accuracy of factual events. Thus planting a seed for you to ask your own questions. - Indeed we may be able to give you certain answers but unless you (as an individual) do not consciously ask the question yourself, the answers are meaningless.

It's this authors opinion that the subversive elements of not just the US Goverment but Goverments Worldwide have likely always been entrenched in our political system since the very beginning. Our forefather fought vigorously to not only free us from the British but to retain that freedom. Undoubtly our Civil War etched a chasm that history can never erase, nor should it. That is how you grow, by accepting your flaws and learning through your mistakes, a nation is no different.

Yet we powered through into a new century and the Industrial Revolution took shape. The fat cats got fatter, their lust for power and money unquenchable. Alliances were made among the richest of men with no regard for the welfare of the planet or it's inhabitants. The sole purpose to be able to control the world's resources and WE THE PEOPLE merely pawns on their chess board.

Fast forward to the end of World War II. Japan annilated, facisim defeated and Hitler dead. * NEWS FLASH, Hitler didn't die in WW II. Per these declassified documents, the FBI knew Hitler was alive and well in S. America, until he died in 1984.

At this time I'd like you to listen to our former presidents speak about the enemy that has (and currently is) engaged in a war for your freedom and the freedom of every single man, woman and child that resides on this amazing planet we call Earth. - That is except for George H. W. Bush, he had a different aspect of this war and he was a very prominent member of THE DEEP STATE!

Last but not least, for anyone who thinks that Mr. Biden is a "GOOD GUY", here's a wonderful piece he wrote in 1992, titled: On The Threshold of the New World Order.

Addtionally here's a lovely document that can be found on the CIA's website written in 1991 title CONSPIRATORS HIERARCHY: THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300. Please not this lovely quote on page 5 .. "At least 4 billion "useless eaters" shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation.".